The Industry

Our profession is a rewarding and lucrative career.

Planning, training, and support will give you the expertise you need to be successful.


Homeowner Benefits

Appreciation - 8% on average for decades

Principal Reduction - Mortgage balance is paid down quickly

Stability of Payment - Rents have increased 37% in the last 7 years

Built-in savings - Appreciation and mortgage reduction produce equity and wealth.


Listed home sell for 9% more than home sold privately

Security - Personal and property safety for our clients

Risk Reduction - Through Errors & Omissions Insurance

Multiple Listing Service - Every agents buyers. All the time. Every time.

Success Planning


CRM, Website, and Lead Generation Software

Personalized Newsletters

Virtual Tours

Social Media Training


2 Day New Agent Training Program

Mentoring Available

Online and Weekly In-Person Training Series

103 Educational Events a Year



Systems to run your business efficiently

Over 300 years experience on the management team

Facebook Group Forum (<-Linked)

Closing Department for Document Review

Next Steps

  1.  Attend a Career Night

  2.  Meet with our Broker

  3.  Take the 40 Hour Pre-License Course (<-Linked)

  4.  Pass the State Exam

  5.  Join Key!

Wondering what it costs to be a real estate agent?  Check out the video below: