Your business. On your terms. 

The one thing Key keeps at the core of our business model is you, the agent.  We've studied how agents work, what they spend their money on, where they spend their time and built an agent-centric Brokerage around it.


What We Found:

We know you the majority of your business are your own leads, most agents never set foot in the office (you've got places to be) and that you want practical real estate training- not sales pitches all about the Brokerage.  We also know your broker is your biggest business expense.

Our agents save money with cloud-based brokerage services so they can spend it on things that matter (like their families, reinvesting in their brand, a trip to Europe) instead of office overhead they never use and the Broker they never see.

Our Commitments to You:

We have a $4,200 broker cap, No monthly or admin fees, in-person training, and technology to sell anywhere.

kvCore CRM, Website, Lead Generation tool at no additional cost to you

Everyone gets the same commission split

Every agent has direct access to the Broker

Training is always relevant

...and Free.







We believe in the power of YOU!  3% of your clients care what Brokerage you are at. Signs have your name on them, with your direct number and your specific email.  A Placester website with your information is free to every Key agent.

Join us at Coaches Corner to build a plan that encompasses your brand while still being compliant State of Michigan regulations


Lead Generation

Let's face it, 91% of buyers and sellers start their search online in this century - not calling in to an office to get matched with an agent which is why Floor Time doesn't work as a sustainable lead generation strategy.

At Key, we teach 5 solid weeks with in-person training and countless online hours on lead gen to help you make the most impact.

More than that, we give each Key Agent an account with kvCore - an effective Smart CRM, website, and lead generation tool to help run your business on autopilot.  Within the first week of use, one agent had over 300 online leads from a few Facebook posts/links.

Want to see more on kvCore? 

Check it out here:

Corporate Support

Our Management team has over 300 years experience in the real estate industry, held top producers spots in their respective markets, been through the ups and downs of recessions and seller's markets and are ready to help where ever you are at.

Every agent has direct access to the Management Team and their insight for any situation.

Achieving Your Goals

We want every agent to achieve their goals, in whatever form they take, which is why we run Key in the least intrusive way possible.  We have the tools available to help you reach the next level and keep the majority of your money while doing it.  

Wondering what it takes to make a move?  Check out the video below for more on the process of transferring your license.