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Nancy van Praag

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I love that our agents ENJOY creating & building their own businesses;  they have fun coming up with innovative marketing ideas - they are not afraid to try new things.

Our agents seek out solutions from a variety of sources: from in-house training, from each other, but also from agents at other companies - our agents are open minded and know that everyone has something to offer. 

Most of all I love that our agents are genuine, down-to-earth people that have grabbed the opportunity to achieve their dreams - when they learned they did not need to pay a broker nearly half of the all the money they earned, that they could keep 100% of their commissions,  they made the decision to put themselves and their families first - they realized that their loyalty should be to their family, not to their broker, that they worked hard to earn their money and they deserved to keep it - and do with it what THEY deemed important.  This is what I love most about Key - that our agents are empowered to make their own choices.....about so many things! To make investments in real estate; to have better access to information, to learn more about the industry and to save the commission.

I believe we have been given the power to CREATE our own lives; that we in fact DO this both consciously and unconsciously.  What I enjoy most is listening to people when they are talking about what they want, listening to what they are really saying, and helping them find - for themselves, what they truly and deeply desire and then helping them map out how to get there as an encouraging and supportive advocate. I am inspired when people become aware of and confident in their ability to make these choices and become excited to create a life they can be passionate about - when they take control of their lives, one deliberate step at a time. 

Decide what you really want, make a step by step plan to get there and don't stop until you get there.

I look forward to sharing with agents the better brokerage options available to them and for the ones who want to take advantage of the opportunities Key provides, I look forward to helping them and watching them achieve success on their own terms and by their own definitions.

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