Our Story

Key Realty is the premier option in Brokerage services.

In 2003, Key Founders, Dennis Degnan and Amy Saylor, starting talking about an idea for a low-cost, agent first Brokerage.  They told a few of their close friends in real estate who were interested, but things were going well and they were comfortable where they were.

Fast forward to 2008 when the recession was setting in and it was getting difficult to earn a living in this industry.  Those same friends starting calling Dennis and Amy. They knew things had to change.  At the urging of their friends, Dennis and Amy launched Key Realty; a low cost real estate brokerage that leveraged technology and time to save agents thousands in commission splits. 

Key is a brokerage built for friends, for agents, by agents.  This isn't something that was built to line Brokers pockets and to benefit only top producers.  Dennis and Amy figured out exactly what agents need to run their business and exactly how much it takes to run a Brokerage and built it.

Don't get us wrong - this isn't a break even option.  Because we've streamlined the systems, integrated technology, never hired redundant office staff and trained agents how to run their businesses successfully Key has over a 90% retention and success rate AND is more profitable per transaction than it's competitors.  We want to show you how to do the same with your business; get the training you need, leverage technology and take home the majority of your commissions. 

The Three T's


Key's training is the beating heart of our agent's success stories.  Most agents join Key because of the $4,200 brokerage cap but they love Key because of the real world training they receive.

Check out one of our 103 Educational Offerings on the EVENTS page.


We believe in using what's available and making the most of your time.  Every Key Realty Agent receives Dotloop Premium access and kvCore Smart CRM, website and lead generation tool.   

These save our agents at least 5 hours of their time per transaction, generate hundreds of leads a month (when used regularly) and keep up with their sphere - at no additional cost for access.  

That's right - no technology/additional fees to our agents for these amazing technologies.


Take Home Pay

$4,200.  That's it.  Key's Brokerage cap is $4,200 for the anniversary year and then agents take home 100% of their commissions after that.  Don't believe us?  Most agents don't when they first here it.  Give any Key agent a call to confirm.  We've only increased on cap from $3600 to $4200 since 2008.

More great news: no admin fees, desk fees, franchise fees, pretty much no junk fees for our agents.  


Bottom Line: 

If you were with us for a full year and grossed $100,000 in commissions you would have had access to over 330 hours of real estate training, technology to sell anywhere (even when you were on vacation) and had $95,800 direct deposited to you from Key.