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Tiffany Szakal

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After several years in other facets of real estate, I moved to Grand Rapids from Miami to accept a contract with the US Department of Housing + Urban Development to represent them during the recession as their West Michigan closing agent.

That was 2008 and I had no idea how much this city and it's residents would touch my heart.

I personally closed over 5,000 transactions from then to 2012 when our contract ended and I saw how much blight and the subsequent revitalization efforts could impact a community. From there I moved to Habitat for Humanity, then shifted as a Realtor with a non-profit housing focus.

I'm still very active with Habitat and their various projects in Roosevelt Park, even serving on the Board of Grandville Avenue Business Association.

In 2017, I opened the West Michigan office of Key Realty, expanding their service area from Toledo/Metro Detroit with a focus on local agent empowerment and training.

Since then we have grown to 86 agents, impacted over $53 Million in West Michigan real estate in the first 6 months of 2019 alone. I have also personally trained over 400 West Michigan Agents in State Compliance + Continuing Education for the benefit of all parties - most of all the public.

Bottom line, Grand Rapids has my heart. I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to represent it with Real Estate Services as the Managing Broker of Key Realty

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